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5creen by Mark O'Neill

5creen is a screen saver engine for EPOC which allows screen savers to be added and created easily.

5creen downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.0  2006-04-23
   Module: Spotlight  EPOC (Psion)  1.0  2006-04-23
   Module: Fractal Loop  EPOC (Psion)  1.0  2006-04-23
   Module: Fractal Zoom  All  1.0  2006-04-23
   Module: Fractal Ink  EPOC (Psion)  1.0  2006-04-23

5outhPark by Mark O'Neill

Oh my god! Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman invade your desktop, along with all your other favourites from the hit TV show.

5outhPark downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.1  2003-06-03

5Talk by Mark O'Neill

A speaking clock for every occasion. Open or closed, on or off, the time is only a button press away.

5Talk downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.05  2003-06-03

ABP by Malcolm Bryant

The award-winning personal finance program for Psion computers (Symbian 5),the Nokia 9210/9290 (Symbian 6) and the Nokia 9300/9500 (Symbian 7).

ABP downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  5.22  2003-05-28
   Release  Communicator 92xx  5.22  2003-05-28

Battleships by Arjen Broeze

Battleships is an implementation of the classic game where the player and the Communicator take turns in firing shots, attempting to sink the opponent's fleet. Battleships has four different playing levels and was written purely in OPL (it only needs Medi

Battleships downloads:
   Battleships  Communicator 9300/9500  1.0  2006-05-01
   Battleships  Communicator 92xx  1.0  2006-05-01

BigDay by Reuben Thomas

An excuse for a party any time!

BigDay downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.04  2003-09-25
   Source  EPOC (Psion)  1.04  2003-09-25

Broker by Nicolas Piguet

Experience the thrill of playing the Stock exchange market, but without the risks! Can you get richer than your opponent?

Broker downloads:
   Installer  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2007-05-17
   Source  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2007-05-17

CalcCRC by Stephen Goldsmith

Calculate the CRC32 for any file on your EPOC device. This can be used to see if two files are identical.

CalcCRC downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-05-28

Caliope by Reuben Thomas

Caliope, a musician's helper, provides a virtual one-octave keyboard which can be pointer or key operated, and a simple metronome.

Caliope downloads:
   Caliope  EPOC (Psion)  1.03  2008-03-28
   Source  EPOC (Psion)  1.03  2008-03-28
   Caliope  UIQ2  1.01  2007-01-22
   Source  UIQ2  1.01  2007-01-22

CapsView by Pascal Nicolas

CapsView is meant for those who use CapsLock and never know in which mode they are. It displays in one of the screen corners an icon that indicates the state of CapsLock. It allows also to toggle the state of CapsLock by clicking with the pen on the icon.

CapsView downloads:
   CapsView  EPOC (Psion)  v1.00  2004-11-08

Clip80 by Wolfgang Golder

Clip80 is a multi clipboard tool. It works like the built in system clipbard. Just use Alt+x,c,v.

Clip80 downloads:
   Clip80  Communicator 9300/9500  1.00  2006-07-17

Clipboard History by Chris Handley

Clipboard History will automatically keep a record of the last few items you had in the Psion clipboard, and you can even edit them.

Clipboard History downloads:
   Clipboard History  EPOC (Psion)    2004-05-23

Clock5 by Martin Guthrie

Clock5 provides password protection for your Palmtop, along with a full-screen sized clock, stopwatch, worldclock, calendar, LED night clock and much, much more...

Clock5 downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.88  2003-05-29

Clock6 by Ewan Spence and Martin Guthrie

Full screen clock for your Communicator.

Clock6 downloads:
   Release  Communicator 92xx  1.10  2003-05-28

CronTab by Pascal Nicolas

CronTab runs programs and macros at scheduled time, allowing backups, compression of files, defragmentation of disks and memory or any other batch at regular intervals (e.g. during the night).

CronTab downloads:
   CronTab  EPOC (Psion)  v0.91  2004-11-08

DataContact by Pascal Nicolas

DataContact is a small utility to import Data files into Contacts.

DataContact downloads:
   DataContact  EPOC (Psion)  v0.91  2004-11-08

DvdToSymbian by Malcolm Bryant

A simple Windows batch script to convert widescreen DVD films using the free VLC player for watching on a Symbian S60v5/S^3 phone with screen size 640x360.

DvdToSymbian downloads:
   DvdToSymbian  S60v5 / S^3  1.00  2010-07-23

ebc by Martin Guthrie

Add colour support to Jason Kneen's ExtraBars! Lets you change the icons used by ExtraBars into colour. Also adds a colour ExtraBars icon to your Extras bar, colour startup screen, 'Extras' key capture patched, sidebars and titlebars coloured, etc.

ebc downloads:
   ebc  EPOC (Psion)  1.10  2005-05-04

EpocSync by Malcolm Bryant

EpocSync allows you to keep an EPOC computer synchronised with another machine via infrared, or with the EPOC Emulator, or with a remote FTP server. Now includes source code and design architecture.

EpocSync downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  3.04  2003-06-12
   Source code  EPOC (Psion)  3.04  2003-06-12

ER6 emulation for OPL by Chris Handley

ER6 emulation for OPL is a package of OPH, OXH & OPM files for programmers, which provides fairly faithful emulation of the ER6+ (Symbian) version of OPL on ER5 (Psion) devices.

ER6 emulation for OPL downloads:
   ER6 emulation  EPOC (Psion)    2007-05-17
   ER6 emulation  Communicator (all)    2007-05-17

Event Core by Ewan Spence

Event Core is a program that does absolutely nothing! It's strength lies in the fact that packed in the zip file is the OPL source code that illustrates how everything works.

Event Core downloads:
   Release  Communicator 92xx  1.00  2003-05-28
   Release  Series 60 v2  0.30  2003-12-08
   Release  UIQ2  0.60  2004-04-07

FastBackup by Chris Handley

FastBackup is a nice incremental backup program for EPOC. This seventh release has some good improvements.

FastBackup downloads:
   FastBackup  EPOC (Psion)    2007-05-17
   FastBackup (WINS)  EPOC Emulator    2007-05-17

FileSwitch by Reuben Thomas

Switch between open applications quickly and easily.

FileSwitch downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  2.41  2006-05-16
   Source  EPOC (Psion)  2.41  2006-05-16

FlCalc by Dave Rushall

The Programmer's Calculator.

FlCalc downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.72  2003-06-01

FlexHTML by Dave Rushall

Flexible HTML generation OPM.

FlexHTML downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.2  2003-06-01

FlFinger by Dave Rushall

A combined TCP/IP 'finger' and 'ping' client.

FlFinger downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.31  2003-06-01

FlWorld by Dave Rushall

EPOC's leading world clock.

FlWorld downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  4.41  2003-06-01

FreeCrypt by Malcolm Bryant

Encrypt your sensitive files.

FreeCrypt downloads:
   Release  Communicator 92xx  1.02  2003-05-28
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.02  2003-05-28
   Source Code  Communicator 92xx  1.02  2007-05-17
   Source Code  EPOC (Psion)  1.02  2003-05-28

FreeMem by Pascal Nicolas

FreeMem defragments the memory on your machine and reclaims all the unused segments, thereby increasing performances (less segments spread over several cells).

FreeMem downloads:
   FreeMem  EPOC (Psion)  v1.10  2004-11-08

FreeOPMs by Ian Chapple

A package of 10 OPMs (BusyProgBar, EpocEdit, HScrollBar, ProgBarX, ProgBar, RexxUtils, Scribble, TextWin, ToolBar & VScrollBar).

FreeOPMs downloads:
   FreeOPMs  EPOC (Psion)  1.81  2007-05-17

GlucoMon by Ian Chapple

GlucoMon is intended to help diabetics monitor their blood-sugar levels. Readings can be analysed and plotted on a graph, which may give an interesting insight into how a diabetic has been managing their blood-sugars.

GlucoMon downloads:
   GlucoMon  EPOC (Psion)  1.14 (build 237)  2008-01-09

Graph32 by Nicolas Piguet

Don't know your asymptotes from your tangents? Well don't panic! - Graph32 is the tool for all your 2d and 3d plotting needs.

Graph32 downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  2.21  2003-10-04
   Source  EPOC (Psion)  2.21  2003-12-21
   PlugIn Development Kit  EPOC (Psion)  2.21  2003-06-04
   PlugIn: Matrix Calculator  EPOC (Psion)  1.1  2003-06-03

IconPatcher by Martin Guthrie

Patch/extract/view/rename your Extras bar icons...! Enables replacement of old greyscale program icons on your Extras bar with replacement colour ones (or greyscale ones on a non-colour machine). Also lets you change the program name on the Extras bar.

IconPatcher downloads:
   IconPatcher  EPOC (Psion)  1.20  2003-10-23

iDesk by Arjen Broeze

iDesk is a desktop replacement utility for Nokia 9300/9500 Communicators. iDesk features customizable hotkeys, a taskmanager, taskswitcher, password and note taker and much more.

iDesk downloads:
   iDesk  Communicator 9300/9500  1.46  2006-04-20

Imaging by Stephen Goldsmith

Imaging is a picture viewer for Symbian ER5 palmtops. Imaging includes advanced features such as automatic scrolling, running as a video and slide show. MBM files can be edited with the usual replace, delete, append and insert options.

Imaging downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-12-28
    Release  EPOC Emulator  1.00  2004-03-28
    Plugin kit  EPOC (Psion)  1.00 (1)  2004-01-01

JABP by Malcolm Bryant

Our cross-platform personal finance program for Psion, Nokia 9210/9290, UIQ2, UIQ3, Sharp Zaurus, iPAQ, Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux (Phew!)

JABP downloads:
   Release  UIQ2  2.44  2013-04-01
   Release  Communicator 92xx  2.44  2013-04-01
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  2.44  2013-04-01
   Release  UIQ3  2.44  2013-04-01
   Release  Desktop software  2.60  2015-01-16

JabpBT by Malcolm Bryant

JabpBT is a sister program to JabpLite which enables data to be exchanged with a PC via Bluetooth. Note: JabpBT is now deprecated. Please use the sync/import/export options within JabpLite.

JabpBT downloads:
   JabpBT  Java Generic MIDP2 phone  1.38  2007-12-21

JabpFile by Malcolm Bryant

JabpFile is a sister program to JabpLite which enables data to be saved to your device's memory card. Note: JabpFile is now deprecated. Please use the sync/import/export options within JabpLite.

JabpFile downloads:
   JabpFile  Java Generic MIDP2 phone  1.56  2009-10-31

JabpLite by Malcolm Bryant

JabpLite is a personal finance program written in MIDP Java. It is designed to run on a wide range of newer Java-enabled smartphones.

JabpLite downloads:
   JAR only  Java Generic MIDP2 phone  2.00  2015-01-01
   JAR only  Java Generic MIDP1 phone  1.11  2007-12-02
   Full ZIP inc. documentation  All Java mobile phones  2.00  2015-01-01

JabpSync by Malcolm Bryant

Sync between Jabp and JabpLite. Note: JabpSync is now deprecated. Please use the sync/import/export options within JabpLite.

JabpSync downloads:
   JabpSync  Java Generic MIDP2 phone  1.54  2009-09-05

jCompile by Malcolm Bryant

A Java compiler for the P800 smartphone and Psion computers.

jCompile downloads:
   jCompile  UIQ2  1.02  2003-10-19
   jCompile  EPOC (Psion)  1.02  2003-10-19

jPlaylist by Malcolm Bryant

A very small Java program running under Windows to create or update a music playlist to be compatible with UIQ3 phones.

jPlaylist downloads:
   Release  Desktop software  1.01  2008-06-29

jRC4 by Malcolm Bryant

Encrypt your sensitive files on any pJava-enabled device.

jRC4 downloads:
   Release  Desktop software  1.04  2013-04-14

jText by Malcolm Bryant

A simple text editor for the UIQ2 and UIQ3 devices. Includes ability to password-protect files.

jText downloads:
   Release  UIQ2  1.08  2011-10-15
   Release  UIQ3  1.08  2011-10-15
   jText  Desktop software  1.11  2014-10-04

jTextEncrypt by Malcolm Bryant

Encrypt/decrypt jText or jTextLite files from the command line

jTextEncrypt downloads:
   Release  Desktop software  1.00  2010-01-23

jTextLite by Malcolm Bryant

A simple text editor for mobile phones with optional encryption.

jTextLite downloads:
   jTextLite  All Java mobile phones  1.07  2014-10-11
   jTextLite  Java Generic MIDP2 phone  1.07  2014-10-11

jWavlength by Malcolm Bryant

A Java utility for your PC which will find the exact length of a Windows WAV file. This will help convert video (AVI) files for your Sony Ericsson P800/P900. See All About Symbian for details. Also included are PV Author profiles for P800/P900.

jWavlength downloads:
   Release  Desktop software  1.00  2008-06-29

jZip by Malcolm Bryant

A zip and unzip utility for UIQ2 and UIQ3 devices, the Nokia 9210/9290 and the Psion netBook/Series 7/Series 5mx.

jZip downloads:
   Zipped version  UIQ2  2.01  2007-05-26
   Zipped version  Communicator 92xx  2.00  2007-05-26
   Zipped version  EPOC (Psion)  2.01  2007-12-26
   Zipped version  UIQ3  2.01  2007-05-26
   SIS file  UIQ2  2.01  2007-05-26
   SIS file  UIQ3  2.01  2007-05-26

Locker by Pascal Nicolas

Locker is meant for those who need to protect their machines with a password but find that the option 'Once a day' is not enough and the option 'At switch on' is too much.

Locker downloads:
   Locker  EPOC (Psion)  v1.01  2004-11-08

Lua 5 by Reuben Thomas

Put the fun back into EPOC programming with this lovely little language.

Lua 5 downloads:
   Lua 5 Libs  EPOC (Psion)  5.1.4 (EPOC 1.14)  2009-02-28
   C++ Kit  EPOC (Psion)  5.1.4 (EPOC 1.03)  2009-02-28
   Lua 5 OPX  EPOC (Psion)  5.1 (EPOC 1.10)  2007-03-26
   OPL Kit  EPOC (Psion)  5.1.4 (EPOC 1.14)  2009-08-06

Macro5 by Martin Guthrie and Pascal Nicolas

Macro5... It's Alive! The continuing adventures of Pascal Nicolas's superb and definitive macro-handling, task-switching, shortcut-launching, key-remapping program.

Macro5 downloads:
   Macro5 (ER1-3)  EPOC (Psion)  v2.40  2004-05-28
   Macro5 (5mx, 7, netBook, etc.)  EPOC (Psion)  v2.45  2004-05-28

Menus and More by Wolfgang Golder

Menus and More - a small but powerful tool to provide a user definable 'context' menu.

Menus and More downloads:
   Menus and More  EPOC (Psion)  1.21a  2004-06-20

Mr Matt by Reuben Thomas

The puzzle game that rocks!

Mr Matt downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  2.03  2008-03-28
   Source  EPOC (Psion)  2.03  2008-03-28
   Mr Matt level pack 1  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-12-24
   Mr Matt level pack 2  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-12-24
   Mr Matt level pack 3  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-12-24
   Mr Matt level pack 4  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-12-24
   Mr Matt Bulgarian resources  EPOC (Psion)  2.03  2008-03-28

MyNotes by Ian Chapple

MyNotes is a note-taking application, which allows short notes (up to 255 characters) to be entered.

MyNotes downloads:
   MyNotes  EPOC (Psion)  3.08 (build 181)  2007-05-17

NoRevPlus by Stephen Goldsmith

Revtran is a program that allows OPO and Opl APP files to be reverse translated back into OPL source code. NoRevPlus provides three different methods to prevent this reverse translation and protect your intellectual property.

NoRevPlus downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.01  2003-11-15

NumLock by Pascal Nicolas

NumLock is a very small utility especially designed for AZERTY keyboards. It Caps locks the first line of the keyboard so that numbers can be entered without having to press 'Shift'.

NumLock downloads:
   NumLock  EPOC (Psion)  v2.00  2004-11-08

OplError by Stephen Goldsmith

This is an OPL programmers utility which displays a full list of the OPL error codes and their text explanation in your language.

OplError downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.10  2003-12-07

Palette by Martin Guthrie

Use all the colours on your Series7, netBook or netPad...! Palette lets you use all 256 of the Psion's colours in Sketch - instead of just the 16 built-in ones.

Palette downloads:
   Palette  EPOC (Psion)  v1.01  2005-01-18

Passwords by Ian Chapple

Passwords enables usernames, passwords, PIN numbers etc. to be stored securely on your Symbian phone. It uses the 'industry standard' RC4 encryption algorithm to protect your sensitive data, providing maximum security combined with ease of use.

Passwords downloads:
   Passwords  UIQ2  1.07 (build 134)  2006-12-04
   Passwords  Communicator 9300/9500  1.07 (build 134)  2006-12-04
   Passwords  UIQ Emulator  1.07 (build 134)  2007-05-17

PCRE by Reuben Thomas

Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions is a port of the widely-used regular expressions library of that name to EPOC.

PCRE downloads:
   PCRE  EPOC (Psion)  4.4 (EPOC 1.00)  2003-10-28
   PCRE source code  EPOC (Psion)  4.4 (EPOC 1.00)  2003-10-28

PGG-EV by Martin Guthrie

Project Galactic Guide - EPOC Version is the 'HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy' that your Psion's been waiting for!

PGG-EV downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.01  2003-05-29

Phocal by Adrian Pemsel

Phocal is a little photographer's calculator for Series 60 (and soon UIQ) phones. At the moment it calculates the depth of field based on the focal length and aperture of the lens. With its intuitive and fast user interface it is perfect for one hand oper

Phocal downloads:
   Release  Series 60 v2  0.30F  2004-03-05
   Source code  Series 60 v2  0.30F  2004-03-05

PlugIn1 OPM by Stephen Goldsmith

PlugIn1 OPM is a programmers utility to combine OPO modules together on the fly...

PlugIn1 OPM downloads:
   Beta SDK  EPOC (Psion)  0.07  2005-01-30

PostIt by Ian Chapple

PostIt allows up to eight sticky notes (PostIts) to be displayed on your Psion.

PostIt downloads:
   PostIt  EPOC (Psion)  1.19  2006-08-22

psAddle by Martin Guthrie

The addictive numbers strategy game. Don't let your EPOC machine get the better of you!

psAddle downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.41  2003-05-29

Psion Commander by Wolfgang Golder

Psion Commander - a filemanager application for Psion ER5 devices with the classical two-pane layout.

Psion Commander downloads:
   PsionCommander  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-10-31
   PsionCommander WINS OPXs  EPOC Emulator  1.00  2004-05-04

Quad by Ewan Spence

The complexity of Chess. The simplicity of Noughts and Crosses. And as fast as lightning!

Quad downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-06-02
   Release  Communicator 92xx  1.00  2003-06-08

Reclaim by Stephen Goldsmith

Reclaim that disk space.

Reclaim downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  2.20  2003-05-28

RxSpencer by Reuben Thomas

Regular expression pattern matching library.

RxSpencer downloads:
   Library  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-06-01
   C++ Kit  EPOC (Psion)  1.00  2003-06-01

Screen Lock by Ewan Spence

Screen Lock switches off the touch screen on a UIQ device to allow you to clean the screen safely.

Screen Lock downloads:
   Release  UIQ2  1.00  2004-10-24

SetScreen by Pascal Nicolas

SetScreen allows you to quickly adjust the contrast (on monochrome devices) to its optimal value, when the 16 gray colors are distinct and the graphics have their intended shades.

SetScreen downloads:
   SetScreen  EPOC (Psion)  v1.05  2007-05-17

SF Cave by Ewan Spence

One Control, one goal, one addiction.

SF Cave downloads:
   Release  Communicator 92xx  1.00  2003-05-28

Solun by Dave Rushall

Oh my! It's full of stars!

Solun downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  5.2  2003-06-01
   Solun Label: Horsehead nebula  EPOC (Psion)  1.0  2003-06-01
   Solun Label: Magellan clouds  EPOC (Psion)  1.0  2003-06-01
   Solun Label: Meteor radiants  EPOC (Psion)  1.0  2003-06-01

Start5 by Adrian Pemsel and Stephen Goldsmith

Reinventing a familiar interface on EPOC.

Start5 downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  3.00 Beta 9  2003-05-28

SWAP by Mark O'Neill

The Song Writers and Poets Handbook - SWAPH - is a rhyming dictionary that helps you harness your creative powers.

SWAP downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.0  2003-06-03

Terra Force by WildPalm

Fast paced 3D Action game.

Terra Force downloads:
   Series 5  EPOC (Psion)  1.1  2003-05-28
   Series 5mx  EPOC (Psion)  1.1  2003-05-28
   Series 7 & netBook  EPOC (Psion)  1.1  2003-05-28
   Revo  EPOC (Psion)  1.1  2003-05-28

Toggle! by Martin Guthrie

Toggle allows you quick, easy and intelligent control of the Sound and Link status.

Toggle! downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.1  2003-05-29

TubeRoute by Chris Handley

TubeRoute is an EPOC program for finding the best route between two stations on an underground railway system, as well as trams, and even buses! This third FreEPOC release is compatible with the released ER6 emulation package.

TubeRoute downloads:
   TubeRoute  EPOC (Psion)    2007-02-27
   London database  EPOC (Psion)    2005-03-27
   Vienna database  EPOC (Psion)    2005-03-27
   Madrid database  EPOC (Psion)    2005-03-27
   Washington database  EPOC (Psion)    2005-03-27
   Hamburg database  EPOC (Psion)    2005-03-27
   Paris database  EPOC (Psion)    2005-03-27
   Paris extra  EPOC (Psion)    2005-03-27
   Kuala Lumpur database  EPOC (Psion)    2005-03-27
   Berlin database  EPOC (Psion)  2005-03-27  2008-07-14

vCal by Malcolm Bryant

Produces vCalendar files from Symbian Agenda/Calendar files and vice versa. Runs on Symbian 5 and Symbian 6 devices.

vCal downloads:
   Release  Communicator 92xx  1.06  2003-05-28
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.06  2003-05-28
   Source Code  Communicator 92xx  1.06  2003-05-28
   Source Code  EPOC (Psion)  1.06  2003-05-28

vCard by Ian Chapple

vCard is the only EPOC program enabling the management of vCard files.

vCard downloads:
   vCard  EPOC (Psion)  1.08  2007-05-17

Vexed by Ewan Spence

Can you help Sekushi Dianno solve the mystery of the sliding tiles in the classic OPL app.

Vexed downloads:
   Release  Series 60 v2  0.60  2007-05-17
   Release  Communicator 92xx  1.10  2003-05-28
   Level Packs  Communicator 92xx  1.07  2003-05-28
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  2.02  2003-05-28
   Level Packs  EPOC (Psion)  2.00  2003-05-28
   Level Pack 2  Series 60 v2  0.51  2003-10-07
   Level Pack 1  Series 60 v2  0.51  2003-06-29
   Level Pack 3 "First Variety"  Series 60 v2  0.51  2003-10-07
   Release  UIQ2  0.66  2004-04-28

VoiceMan5 by Martin Guthrie

VoiceMan5 allows you to configure the Voice-note recording features on your Palmtop and reminds you when you've recorded them.

VoiceMan5 downloads:
   Release  EPOC (Psion)  1.42  2003-05-29

Zile by Reuben Thomas

Zile is a lightweight Emacs clone.

Zile downloads:
   Zile  EPOC (Psion)  2.0.4  2005-04-20

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