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FreEPOC's members are a wide and varied bunch. Their diversity reflects the fact that anyone can program. While some people have a lot of dedication to their palmtop, some of us have written the one application that they really need on their palmtop. Others feel the need to constantly tinker with their hobby of programming. It takes all kinds.

Adrian Pemsel    (
Thanks to him and because of his application Start5, FreEPOC was born. If he is not working on the website, he is studying computer sciences & math at the Technical University of Munich. His first computer? A PSION Organiser II LZ!
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Arjen Broeze    (
Arjen started programming in OPL in 1999 on a Psion 5MX. Although an OPL enthusiast from the start, he only recently started publishing his applications and OPL extensions. Next to writing applications in OPL, he's also a member of the OPL development team at sourceforge and tries to advocate the OPL language as much as possible. Arjen does all his programming on the device itself (currently a Nokia 9500) and never goes anywhere without his Communicator in his pocket. Time not spent on programming is spent with his wife and two children, with which he currently lives in China.
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Chris Handley    (
Chris is a keen advocate of the Open Source movement, so that all his free programs are released under the GNU GPL license. He hopes that other Psion programmers will follow his example... He now uses a Nokia 9500, instead of his Netbook & Revo.
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Dave Rushall    (
David bought his first Psion Series 3 to "help him write his thesis" but all too predictably ended up playing with it. The first release of "Solun" was launched soon afterwards, becoming perhaps the world's first pocket planetarium application in the process. He can often be found fiddling with his Series 5mx on something or other, or occasionally on a coastal path (trying to find a headland where his he can check his email with a mobile). His FreEPOC applications include FlWorld and FlCalc.
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Ewan Spence    (
Prominent member of the online Symbian community.
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Ian Chapple    (
Ian has been a long-standing contributor to the EPOC freeware community (and SIBO - aka. Series 3/a/c/mx - prior to that). We're delighted to welcome him to FreEPOC!
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Malcolm Bryant    
Malcolm describes himself as a workaholic, Psion-aholic and a tennis-aholic - not necessarily in that order. He started out as a devotee of Sir Clive Sinclair, but recently he has contributed the equivalent of a week of David Potter's salary to Psion's profits by purchasing no less than 10 Psion machines from the Series 3 onwards. For anyone who commutes on the Weybridge to Waterloo train, Malcolm is easy to spot - while everyone around him is sleeping or reading the newspaper, Malcolm is tapping away on his Psion working on the next release of ABP!
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Mark O'Neill    (
Mark made the decision to make all his applications freeware just as FreEPOC was about to be launched. Some hushed negotiations, Black Hats and a few beers later Mark decided to join.
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Martin Guthrie    (
Martin started down the Freeware road many moons ago - as soon as the Series 5 came out, he was there with Clock5. And they don't come much taller than Martin... (Actually, Malcolm is taller then Martin - come to think of it, quite a lot of FreEPOC are taller than 6 foot...)
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Nicolas Piguet    
Nicolas lives in Switzerland and is studying computer sciences at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne (known in Switzerland as EPFL). Nicolas discovered "things Psion" when his father offered him his old S3a, and says that as soon as he saw the Program Icon, he wanted to try it out! Well, to cut a long story short; that lead him to Graph32 and FreEPOC a few years later...
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Reuben Thomas    (
Reuben lives in London and sings and programs throughout the world. He has admired Psion machines for many years, so he bought himself a Revo, which he thought was wonderful, as he could program in all sorts of places previously impractical even with a laptop. He now uses a 5mx. He wrote Mr Matt for EPOC in an attempt to stop playing it when he should have been working, but ended up writing it when he should have been working. He is exactly 2m tall.
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Stephen Goldsmith    
Stephen has been with us from the start, working on the Pointer shortcut application used by Start5. He has also released a number of utilities.
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WildPalm    (
WildPalm is the home for outstanding wireless games and other quality software for Symbian based Smartphones and Communicators.
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Wolfgang Golder    (
Wolfgang loves both Psions and Linux. As benevolent head of the PsionCommander development team he and his teammates have managed to develop this impressive application in record time. With that much talent FreEPOC just had to pull him on board.
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That's who we are. If you're considering releasing some free software, then why not get in touch? We'll help get your app up to a high standard, and you'll get the benefit of the FreEPOC brand name, one that is well known in Symbian circles.

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